The Thompson Building has a long and important history in the Village of Northport. The Thompson Building was built by the Edward Thompson Company (1882-1935), which was a law book publishing firm founded by Irish immigrant Edward Thompson, Northport native Edward Pidgeon and their partner James Cockroft. The Thompson Building housed their printing and publishing factory and offices. Construction began in July 1889. The first phase of the building was completed in 1890. The first addition to the building was made in 1891 and the second addition was completed in 1893. A separate building, used to house the publishing printing plates, still located at 33 Scudder Avenue, was completed in 1894. The Edward Thompson Company operated in The Thompson Building until 1935. A history of the company can be found at Edward Thompson Company

The building also housed the Davis Aircraft Products, Co., Inc. for many years. They manufactured seat belts and other products for the aviation industry. More information can be found at Davis Aircraft Products, Co., Inc.

Currently, The Thompson Building is a mixed use building, primarily professional and office. Renovations and restorations are ongoing. Some units in the building are being converted to apartments, an approved use of the building.